Birthday Room Decorating Kit (22pc)

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What an amazing and beautiful way to say, "Happy Birthday!" This incredible all-in-one Birthday Room Decorating Kit (22pc) is all you will need to stage a flashy and festive celebration for a friend or family member. This vibrant multi-colored kit includes 2 36" foil swirls, 2 24" foil swirls with 4" attachments, 2 4' string attachments, 2 3' string decorations, 3 12" printed cutouts, 2 15" printed cutouts, 1 9" printed cutout, 3 5.75" printed cutouts, 4 10' foil fringe garlands, plus 50' of nylon string for hanging the decorations. Emblazoned with lovely rainbow-colored images of cakes, balloons and 'Happy Birthday' greetings, this diverse decor set is a must have for your b-day celebration. Includes 22 pieces per package.

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